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About Dr. Aileen

Dr. Aileen McCabe-Maucher earned her doctorate in clinical social work from the University of Pennsylvania and is the author of the books, The Inner Peace Diet (Penguin, 2008), Complete Self-Care (Cognella Academic, 2020) and Find Your Life Purpose Now: Recipes for Making Your Dreams Come True.  Dr. McCabe-Maucher also earned a masters degree from Widener University and holds bachelors degrees from the University of Delaware and West Chester University of Pennsylvania in nursing and social work, respectively.  In addition to private practice counseling and coaching, for over 20 years Dr. Aileen has worked as a mental health professional/social worker for the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Salvation Army, as well in non-profit community mental health, child welfare/adoption, hospice and drug and alcohol treatment settings. 

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Do you want to live a more peaceful , passionate and prosperous life? Thank you for visiting my website and connecting with me here. My name is Dr. Aileen McCabe-Maucher and I am a licensed psychotherapist, college professor, life coach and author of the book The Inner Peace Diet (Penguin, 2008) I specialize in helping people get clear about their life goals and take immediate action toward their highest vision. I am also an expert in teaching people how to reduce stress and tranform their relationship with their body and food. For over twenty years, I have helped thousands of people, just like you, tap into their own inner wisdom, overcome challenges and achieve their life-long dreams.

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I offer transformational online courses to help people create more peaceful, prosperous, and purposeful lives. Many of my courses include live, synchronous instruction with direct access to me in an interactive online classroom. I also offer self-paced programs  and courses that can be done according to your own schedule and needs. For a complete listing of my current online programs and offerings, please navigate to the courses page.


Currently, I maintain a waiting list for individual coaching services- If you are looking for  a professional, reliable opinion and coaching on a business, career or lifestyle decision from a seasoned pro and Ivy League educated professor, please reach out to my team @ [email protected]

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