The Inner Peace Diet Diet Podcast Episode 8 featuring Dr. Mary McCluskey

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2018


In today's podcast, Dr. Aileen McCabe-Maucher interviews Dr. Mary McCluskey. Dr. Mary McCluskey earned her MSW from Columbia School of Social Work and her doctoral degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania School of Policy and Practice. She has been practicing clinical social work for over a decade and has a certification in psychodynamic psychotherapy from The American Institute of Psychoanalysis. She has taught social work at the University of Pennsylvania, Fordham University, and Simmons College. She has also taught psychodynamic therapy at the American Institute for Psychoanalysis. Currently, she teaches social work at New York University. Dr. McCluskey recently published a research article, "The Pregnant Therapist: A Qualitative Examination of the Client Experience" in Clinical Social Work Journal. To view this article go to:
For more, information about Dr. McCluskey, please visit her website:

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